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Translation and research about the book of historical and literary nexus between Arabs, Iranians and Turkish
written by like Dr. Hossein Mojiib Almesri
Prepared by Abdollahe hemadi
Supervisor : Dr. Seyed Hasan fatehi
Advisor(s): –
Faculty: Literature & Humanities
Department : Arabic Language and Literature
Field of Study: Arabic Language Translation
Academic orientation : –
Degree: master degree
Number of Pages: from page 1 to page 196
Defence Date: 17 / February / 2015
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Comparative literature is a science which investigates the literacy’s interactions between nation’s language and various folks. The concept of comparative literature is an emerging science. Thanks to scientists and researchers like Dr. Hossein Mojiib Almesri, comparative literature was considered in Islamic world. With study of Islamic nation’s literature, experience, taste and so on, Islamic comparative literature received schools and innovations of other nation’s literary and artistic as an experience. Study about Islamic comparative literature both prove identity of Islamic civilization and reserve that from likely risks and Identity, literary, cultural and artistic falls. And that is what Dr. Hossein Mojiib Almesri spends his life in the ground of research and discoveryOf the relationship between the different languages of the Islamic world. He also.

authored many works in this regard and express commons of various language
and their influence on each other. The book of historical and literary nexus between Arabs, Iranians and Turkish is one of the works that he has written in the field of comparative literature. This thesis has been focused on three major: first we propose briefly the concept of comparative literature especially Islamic comparative literature. Then take a look at literary criticism and its benefits, we propose affairs about criticism in regard with book’ content. The main sector of the book (from page 1 to page 196) has been translated and more after full translation of the first part of the book, some literary and historical topics were reviewed. And as much as possible researches about presentation of places, poetry and literary and historical topics have been added as the book of historical and literary nexus between Arabs, Iranians and Turkish, Dr. Hossein Mojiib Almesri first with careful consideration and in-depth research, have discussed the historical roots of the Arab nations, Iran and Turkey. Then stated causes collision and fusion of the nations. After proving relationship and intersection of these three people, investigate the effectiveness and impact of each other in various fields of language, culture, customs and literature. And by bringing evidence he proves his claim.

Key words: comparative literature, Islamic comparative literature, Dr. Hossein Mojiib Almesri, translation of historical and literary nexus between Arabs, Iranians and Turkish

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